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The 11 Laws of the Cult

Laws By Venger Satanis
Intro by LeGivorden

n his book Liber: AO, Venger Satanis outlines a series of 11 laws that the Cult holds close to heart. Much in the same vein as Satanisms numerous types of creeds and edicts for each various organization, so too does Cthulianism hold its own unique set of  Laws. These are Laws that supersede the base morality of humanity and strike true to the nature of man and the Cult itself. It is through the use of these laws that we can free ourselves from the trivial laws forced upon us by humanities numerous and various governmental systems and local moral codes. Shattering them in our wake to attain our own higher understanding and joy in our existence.


The Laws

The first law is the law of suffering. We suffer for many reasons. Chief among them is that our suffering provides energy for the universe. We also suffer in order to distract us from our purpose on this earth. Also, I have little doubt that our suffering amuses whatever sick sense of humor the universe has.


The second law is the law of sleep. Our usual waking state is not full, objective consciousness. Instead, everyday life is much like our usual sleeping state except that we are walking around, talking to people, and engaging in various mundane tasks.


The third law is the law of multiplicity. We are not one, but many. There is no permanent or singular “I” in us. There are many different “I”s… all ignorant of each other and taking turns running our machine.


The fourth law is the law of negativity. Our entire lives are wasted on being negative. We are insecure, hateful, angry, depressed, envious, and afraid. Most of our days are spent in various states of negativity. These emotions drain energy for which we have far better use.


The fifth law is the law of identification. We identify with everything we come in contact with. If there’s a TV program we’re watching, then we identify with that. If we hear someone being negative, then we identify with those emotions. Each time we forget ourselves in favor of adopting external aspects, we are identifying.


The sixth law is internal consideration. We live in our own little world. What we think and how we feel seems all important, but it is not. Our petty desires only create stronger illusions. Subjectivity is useful, but it’s also a closed system which means there is no energy coming in. We demonstrate how conscious we are by considering other people; this creates energy for us to use.


The seventh law is the law of confusion. No one can fully understand another. Whether it’s a language barrier or a different view of particular words or obscured intent behind the words… people do not understand each other. This confusion only makes it easier for us to remain enslaved.


The eighth law is the law of accident. Man is doomed to live by the capricious whims of the universe. He does not create his life; a man’s life is created for him by pre-programming and random events. There is no will involved, only life by accident.


The ninth law is the higher law of mutual assistance. Our race is inexorably tied to the Ancient Ones. They help us just as we help Them. One tentacle washes the other. Both sides benefit from this reciprocal maintenance.


The tenth law is the higher law of control. This path is one of intentional suffering and conscious sacrifice. The Ancient Ones recognize when certain efforts are made. They do what They can to ease our difficulties, to help us win! By making a conscious choice of which laws we put ourselves under and which laws we resist, we take control away from the universe.


The eleventh law is the higher law of breeding. Those with greater potential to Awaken are less prone to have children. Therefore, it is necessary for Cultists to continually seek breeding opportunities. Orgies, sex magic, and plural marriage are some of the Cult’s tools for pro-creation.

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