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A Brief History of the Cult


Howard Phillips Lovecraft would likely be very upset and disturbed to know his writings would inspire full blown religions.

Lucifer LeGivorden

Ok so the truth is that the Cult was first formed by Venger Satanis back in the mid to late 2000s. One of our current heads, Lucifer LeGivorden, was actually a member for a time of the original Cult.

t should go without saying that the history of the Cult in the recent few years has grown a bit unsteady, to put things politely. But I suppose you are not here for polite platitudes, but the gritty truth of things. 

Cthulhu Sigil.webp

Eventually, Venger left his creation to explore other ventures and focus on his family life. From the either came one Wyntre Whately.

Wyntre presented himself to the community as a messiah, or veritable profit of Cthulhu, and wrote the first Bible of Cthulhu. But he would eventually prove himself to be a charlatan who was actually a failed and little known member of Venger's original Cult. 

Despite this, Wyntre had his advantages and rescued the Cult from near complete destruction, and even helped it explode in popularity. He stole Venger's ideas and made them his own for his Bible. This would attract the attention of older Cult members, including Lucifer LeGivorden, who in spite of being very supportive of the Cult, made note in his reviews of the near identical nature of Wyntre's writings to Venger's forgotten books, which he happened to own physical copies of to compare to.


Wyntre's true colors would be revealed to the public in January of 2023, and the Cult would once again see near total collapse. In a surprising move Wyntre's criminal activities would be made public by his two top supporters, and a schism would occur, forming a new group called the Temple of the Old Ones.

Members of the Temple in fury reached out to Lucifer LeGivorden to lend aid in putting an end to Wyntre's scams and criminal activities. And it was readily given, resulting in the near complete closure of the Cult and even the cancelation of one of its books. But things were still not stable within the Temple of the Old Ones, and a second schism occurred between its leadership.


This new Schism, resulted in one of the Temples most powerful members and leaders, Thaumaturge, turning to LeGivorden once more and his Satanic Thulian Society.  


trapbaph transparent.png

With LeGivorden's help and support, Thaumaturge was able not only to find a new home, but be given the opportunity to save the Cult once more from imminent doom. 

The two conspirators set out then on a perilous quest to rescue once and for all a thing they loved. And it was then on Walpurgisnacht 2023, The first moves to wrest the Cult from it's tyrannical and morally corrupt leader occurred. LeGivorden was given the complete Copyrights to all of the artwork in the Bible of Cthulhu by the original artist, who had also been scammed by Wyntre, and denied royalties for his contributions to the Bible of Cthulhu.

In the following weeks LeGivorden and Thaumaturge, with the support of the August Derleth Society, managed to legally seize the entire organization, from Wyntre and establish it as a legally recognized organization within the United States, as well as create this website.

The Official Cult of Cthulhu and the STS’s Viridian Order, is currently the only entirely coherent mythos derived belief system, which is fully theistic, and thus the only authentic religious expression of Cthulhu Mythos in the world! The Official Cult of Cthulhu is recognized by the August Derleth society as the only fully Cthulian Religious organization.

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