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What does it mean to be a Theist in the Official Cult of Cthulhu?

nyone that read the Bible of Cthulhu by Wyntre will remember that there were numerous terms for religious faith to include pantheist, deist, theist, and atheist. We will simplify these under the Satanic Thulian Society’s (STS) Official Cult of Cthulhu. The term pantheist was specifically chosen by Wyntre because he was obsessed with the atheist Richard Dawkins. Wyntre wanted to be inclusive to as many people as possible in the Official Cult of Cthulhu so he could promote his band, rip the cultists off with overpriced bibles & merch, and expand his Ponzi scheme.

Trendy terms like pantheist are unnecessary in the continuation of Venger Satanis’ Official Cult of Cthulhu. The only terms that are need-to-know are atheist and theist for simplicity’s sake. Over complicating the matter just serves to add confusion, as most cultists in Wyntre’s cult were extremely confused by all the terms.


Under the STSs’ Official Cult of Cthulhu the term theistic will constitute one of, or any of the following ideas.

1. Belief in Elder Gods as literal real entities with immense power and magick.

2. Belief in Elder Gods as a manifestation of a dark current or force in the universe. “Kort’thalis”

3. Belief that Nyarlathotep wears many masks and can represent other gods such as Loki or Satan.

4. Belief that Elder Gods pre-date Earth, and other cultures retold stories of deities that were originally the Old Ones.

5. Belief in an alternate reality, or “Dream Lands” which exist parallel to this Universe where the Elder Gods exists and are trying to break through to this reality.

6. Belief in Lovecraftian entities born as living thought forms or “Egregores” that have immense power and magick.

7. A belief that the entire universe is contained in Azathoth’s dream.

8. A belief that the mythos entities are part of the Satanic pantheon of deities.

8. Other abstract beliefs that represent a magical force in the universe that gives rise to real Ancient Ones from the Lovecraft mythos.


Under the STS Official Cult of Cthulhu, the term atheist will constitute the following.

1. No belief in Elder Gods as real entities in the universe.

2. Belief of Elder Gods as metaphors for real scientific concepts, such as Azathoth represents the Big Bang.


To be a theist in the Official Cult of Cthulhu, we literally are working to awaken the Elder Gods and bring them to Earth to enslave mankind, and as Cultists we will be rewarded. It would be stupid not to help the Old Ones, because they will make it here no matter what, so we may as well join their side now. As theists, we perform frequent rituals to help feed power to the Elder Gods, such as Yog-Sothoth, to help them breach the threshold. We believe that Nyarlathotep controls the God of Earth from his palace in the Unknown Kadath. Like Wizard Whatley or Joseph Curwen from Lovecraft’s stories, we believe we will be rewarded with magical favor from aiding the Elder Gods. Why do we not let atheists into the Official Cult of Cthulhu? Because they serve no purpose. An atheist cannot help us complete the mission of awakening the Elder Gods, because atheists do not believe deities exist and have no real desire to help them. We take our work and deities seriously. When an atheist plays make believe, dresses up in a robe, and chants things, this is disrespectful to the Ancient Ones, and frankly the atheist looks foolish for playing make believe.

There are those that complain that the Official Cult of Cthulhu is not inclusive due to the requirement of being a theist. This was the fault of Wyntre. The Official Cult of Cthulhu by Venger Satanis was a Cult of theistic values that practiced magick and worshipped the Ancient Ones, along with Satan. Wyntre introduced his atheistic heresies into the Bible of Cthulhu, and has since drawn a lot of faithless arrogant atheists. A religion is defined by Oxford Dictionary as;

 “The belief in, and worship of a superhuman power or powers, especially a God or gods.”


 An atheist has no place in the Official Cult of Cthulhu, which is a legal registered LLC and religion. An atheist cannot belong to a religion. They are mutually exclusive. What is more, the Cult leadership WILL NOT let the Official Cult of Cthulhu undergo the same fate of the Church of Satan, and give up power to atheists. Atheists are not sincere in their worship and reverence of the Old Ones. To give up power to atheists is the ultimate blasphemy.

As theists, there are particular things we will do in our practices of the Official Cult of Cthulhu. First and foremost is that we channel energy to the Old Ones. Once a week (ideally), we participate in solitary or group rituals to focus on the Sigil of The Shining Trapezohedron to channel magical energy to those Gods from Outside to help them enter our realm. We channel the energy to the Shinning Trapezohedron because this gives the energy to Nyarlathotep who can ensure the rest of the Ancient Ones receive power, since Nyarlathotep is their soul and messenger. Outside of our weekly rituals to channel energy to the Old Ones, we also strive to perform short daily rituals to our preferred mythos deities to ask for personal favors and power. These are acts of faith, and the Elder Gods do not listen to the prayers of atheists and unbelievers. Cultists of the Official Cult of Cthulhu sign a dark pact to work alongside with our Gods. We are not their slaves. Humanity will be their slaves. We are viewed as minions and accomplices of the Old Ones and will be given a special place upon their arrival. May You Rise so They May Rise.

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