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What is the deal with the Satanism thing?

Contrary to prior misconceptions perpetuated by Wyntre and others, the first formulation of Lovecraft's Mythos into a religious concept was done by none other that Anton Szandor LaVey! The founder of the Church of Satan and author of numerous books about Satanism. His book "The Satanic Rituals," actually outlines multiple Lovecraftian themed rituals, including one openly titled, "The Call of Cthulhu." 


Later after LaVey and Michael A. Aquino parted ways in their 1975 schism, Aquino established the Temple of Set. Thanks to LeGivorden's in depth research, the ToS's own vast literary stores was found to be ripe with countless experimental rituals based firmly in the Cthulhu Mythos. Aquino like LaVey before him was fascinated by Lovecraft's works and took direct inspiration from it.

Later on the Cult would eventually be formed by Venger Satanis. In it's first form it was called "Cthulhu Cult," and Venger's core book, would sport the same name. Eventually the name would be changed to "The Cult of Cthulhu." Venger populated his original Cult with numerous Satanists and advertised it mostly in Satanic forums. one of these forums was a Ning site called "My-Satan." A social network specifically for Satanists. It was here that Lucifer LeGivorden first met Venger and joined his Original Cult. Venger was kind enough to gift LeGivorden a PDF of his book at the time. Today LeGivorden owns both books in physical format.

So as you can see, with the exception of Wyntre, the Cult and the Cthulian Religion has always been a Satanic Religion. It was only with Wyntre did it shift away from that element. 

So is this the same Cult of Cthulhu run by Wyntre Whately? 

Simple answer is, YES! It is the same Cult run by Wyntre Whately, and originally founded by Venger Satanis. We are running it with Venger's support and encouragements. Unlike Wyntre, we have gained complete legal permissions to take over things. 

How did you get permission to use Wyntre's artwork?

In the months following the Cult's schism with Wyntre, Thaumaturge left the Temple of the Old ones due to a disagreement in how things should be run. Thaumaturge then took LeGivorden up on his offer to join Satanic Thulian Society. During his formation of the STS's Cthulian denomination Thaumaturge and LeGivorden contacted the original artist for the Bible of Cthulhu, Juan Carlos Porcel, and explained what happened. Juan, then joined the men in their efforts, and gave LeGivorden complete ownership of the Copyrights to his artwork used by Wyntre. 

How did you take the Cult from Wyntre?

Through investigation of the Cult's legal standings it became obvious Wyntre had made several legal errors. With the successful acquirement of the artwork, LeGivorden and Thaumaturge utilized these mistakes and filed legal paperwork to turn the Cult into a legally recognized entity within the United States. With the Cult now a legal LLC, and the visual artwork now under STS control, Wyntre was forced to stop running his website and selling his book. In short the two men performed a hostile takeover.

How does this new incarnation of the Cult differ from the older ones?

This is the same Cult of Cthulhu as it always has been, just with new management dedicated to ensuring the errors of the past are never repeated again.


It is important to note that unlike under Wyntre's Atheist rule, and the Atheistic/ I-Theistic Satanic scene of Venger's time 16 years ago, this Cult is openly Theistic in nature. This is in line with it's parent organization's (The Satanic Thulian Society) Theistic Laveyan outlook. That means that yes we do believe in a very real entities that Lovecraft called Cthulhu and the Old Ones. This may seem silly at first, especially to outsiders, but it is our official standing and beliefs. 


What is more is that this incarnation of the Cult is also supported and recognized by the the August Derleth Society, who created and holds the final word of the Cthulhu Mythos and related material, as the only authentic religious representation of the Cthulhu Mythos. Without their support, all of this would still be nothing more that fanfiction technically. 

Ok, so does the Cult have some sort of Clergy or Priesthood?

Yes we do actually. However, it's not easy to become one of our Priesthood. Our Priesthood is called the Viridian Order, and is under the direct administration the Satanic Thulian Society. All Priests, called "Nyth," are ordained through the Satanic Thulian Society, and have undergone their training and initiatory program, which in the future will be part of the Miskatonic University program. STS has strict policies concerning Priesthood and Ordainment. You can't just buy it online, and Ordainment is only done in person by an authorized 4th degree member of the Priesthood of Hell. (The STS's own native Priesthood.)  

You guys are Theists? How does that work? Isn't Cthulhu a fictional monster?

Yes, we are theistic. We actually believe in a very real Cthulhu being. Perhaps not exactly as he is described in fiction, but in some form similar to that. But it goes much deeper than that.


The root fundamental of our Theistic faith is that Howard Phillip Lovecraft, along with a hand full of other pulp fiction authors and artists, were sort of prophets to deities and places far older than recorded human history. This is not the first time that authors seem to have gained access to forbidden knowledge or foreshadowed things in their writings.


The famous author Jules Vern foretold of nuclear powered submarines and space travel with frightening accuracy. Gene Roddenberry, created many fictional items for Star Trek, that we now have for real! The internet, "Communicators," AKA Cell Phones, and even the theory of Warp Drive has all been proven to be true or very plausible and near to being achieved. Currently science is working on actual warp drive engines that work nearly identically to Roddenberry's description.

This foreshadowing or tapping into unknown knowledge, doesn't just go forwards in time, and why should it? No, it also goes backwards in time too. To times long forgotten by human history. To ages "undreamed of" To quote Robert E. Howard, who also contributed to the Cthulhu Mythos, and supposedly tapped into something far older to create his most famous character, Conan the Barbarian. 

Recent scientific and archeological findings have begun providing evidence and support to the claims of these old authors of a forgotten age of mankind. and with this forgotten age, was forgotten Gods and Monsters too. 

So how do I join the Cult of Cthulhu?

Membership is easy, but unlike the past it isn't free anymore. You can check out our membership page for complete details. The price for basic membership is a one time fee of $50. Please do note that this is non-refundable. So be sure before you sign up that you want to do this.

Why are you making people pay for membership to the Cult? It used to always be free. This isn’t fair!

The Cult was never intended to be free to anyone. That was established by Wyntre Whateley to garner as many followers as he could to promote his band "Bow Down." He coined the term "Nyth" to attribute to his followers. This was a derogatory term that translates to R'ylehian meaning "Servant" or "Slave." He had no intention of elevating anyone and used hundreds if not thousands of people as a stepping stool.

The current Cult follows the example set down by our original founder Venger Satanis. Who in his day of control over the Cult, only asked for a one time fee of $50. As can be found on page 123 of his book Cthulhu Cult. The Official Cult of Cthulhu has resurrected this custom from the ashes and has dismissed the thousands of Slaves held in thrall to Wyntre who has been branded a heretic. Basic Membership to the Cult is only a one time fee of $50, with no further obligations expected. Active membership to the Viridian Order is a different story and you should check our membership page for more info. 


Who now runs the Cult of Cthulhu? Who is the big cheese?

The Cult of Cthulhu is the legal property of the Satanic Thulian Society founder Lucifer LeGivorden. He owns all the legal paperwork for the organization. This makes him the CEO of the organization. However, he tries to keep a distance for the most part and allows the Cult's day to day operations to be run by Thaumaturge and a selected council in his stead. However, LeGivorden holds final say in most things as the owner of the organization. 

How much influence and connection to the Satanic Thulian Society is there?

Listen we get it. People get spooked at the notion of real Satanism being involved with something. The Mythos is full of evil cults and other nasty stuff, but that's all fiction though. This is not. This is very real and now those stories seem much more frightening to the lay-person. The Cult operates within the confines of Anton LaVey's Satanic Bi-laws. The 9 Satanic Statements, 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth, and the 9 Satanic Sins. But we also operate under the Lex Satanicus of the Satanic Thulian Society. Truth is for better or worse, STS has a very strong connection and influence over the Cult, and we are damn thankful the current owner was one of the original members from way back when.

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