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Outer Membership

Be aware that all membership fees are one time only and are non-refundable. 



Membership to the Cult is relatively simple and follows the STS system identically. Please download our Basic Membership Registration Form, fill it out and sign it. Then email it back to us with the header "Basic Membership". One of our representatives will get back to you with a link to our PayPal So that you may pay your one time Basic Membership Fee of $50.

Please send your application to the following Email address, we will contact you with a link to our PayPal for you membership fee.

Our Active, or "Inner" Membership is where it is at. This Membership is not for everyone, and requires you to become a member of our parent organization, Satanic Thulian Society. You will also have to pay an additional $100 fee. There you will work your way up the ranks and become Ordained by actual members of  the Priesthood of Hell and the Viridian Order of the Trapezohedron. Please consider this very carefully as it will not be for everyone. However, if you are interested in Joining the Cult on an active member status please click HERE.

Basic membership registration form 

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