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The Law of the Satanist

Morality is a Lie.

Morality is a pretty lie told by society in order to hide behind the façade of social acceptability, and at times to escape ones’ own responsibilities. Interchangeable it is, at any moment, and in any culture, to escape wrong doings, by making them the moral and social rights.

Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation - All human ideas of ethics exist within the human species. Most of these morals are created by the wealthy elites to keep the poor in line, and to profit from those in bondage. Cultists see through the illusion and adopt their own moral code. Cultists act in a way that is “live and let live”. Giving others enough respect that they should give it back. Also avoiding making enemies by trying to force views on others.


Embrace Lex Talionis at all times.

The Law of Nature is unchanging in all things, and at all times. The weak are dominated by the strong. The Satanist should seek to ever be strong in all things, and at all times. Lex Talionis!

​Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- As there is no absolute truth, there is no reason to withhold revenge. Those that wrong you can be punished. Humans are animals and there is a pecking order. We do not turn the other cheek. Those that do us wrong may try to do so again, and it would be foolish to allow this to happen. If you don’t at least get revenge, be mindful that you have been wronged as a lesson. Those that say “an eye for an eye makes the world go blind” are chumps and easy to take advantage of.


Responsibility to the Responsible.

The Satanist accepts the Responsibility of their actions and inactions at all times. By this acceptance, do they maintain power over themselves and lives at all times. Only the weak willed will seek to escape their Responsibility, and at no time is the true Satanist weak in anything.

Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation - Give respect to those that deserve it. We respect those that pull their own weight, and we owe nothing to the social vampires that prey on us and offer nothing. We don’t accept denial. Deluded human thoughts can hide our responsibility of committing a particular action. Excuses to preserve an ego abound in the human condition. Either we acted and did something or we did not. It is the anti-producers that run to excuses, denial, and condemning others for their own faults. Cultists also only work on the principle of consent (except where magick is concerned). We have enough respect for ourselves to not violate the consent of others.


Temperance your ego by the strength of your character.

Take to oneself, no titles that you cannot hold by virtue of the strength of your will and character alone. Lest you be mocked by your peers, and destroyed by your own pretentiousness.

Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- Do not take to a title or mantle that does not suit yourself. To not let your ego overinflate beyond your station and to let your actions and deeds, demonstrate your character. Too many individuals, like Wyntre of the former Cult of Cthulhu, let their egos get over inflated it becomes counterproductive to them as leaders. Over confidence from an ego trip can lead to complacency and reduced ability to actually get a job done.


Bodily Autonomy is a privilege, not a right.

“Bodily Autonomy!”, is a myth cried by the enfeebled herd in a vain attempt to escape the blood splashed jaws of the predatory Satanist. It is by the rule of Fang & Claw, that the true Satanist guarantees their own Bodily Autonomy.

Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- There are no inherent rights, as there is no absolute Truth. Bodily autonomy belongs to those with the strength to exercise it. Nobody is entitled to anything, especially when it is an anti-producer taking from a producer. It’s easy to believe in our modern society that body autonomy is a right, but this is an illusion. The truth is that body autonomy is a privilege reserved for those that follow the rules of the government enough to stay out of jail. Bodily Autonomy is a privilege earned by those with strength and are mindful of the laws of man.


Be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The true Satanist adopts the social norms and moralities of wherever they are at. Walking as a local in a foreign land so as not to be noticed. Casting off the veil of invisibility only when it suits his predatory nature. Just as the wolf instinctively blends in with the herd to stalk the sheep. Revealing himself only to strike and fade back into the either.

Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- Be the Shoggoth. Shapeshift to the social norms you need, but hold loyalty to the self above all else. To succeed in the workplace, you may need to put on a façade and pretend to like people. Just remember, it is your own fault if you get caught being dishonest. 


Take pride in one’s own natural self in every way.

Self-Deception is a sin to not just Satan, but oneself. A Satanist should at all times revel in their natural born nature and being. Masculinity for men, and femineity for women, undefiled and celebrated in their purist forms. To attempt to change what is natural to oneself and one’s nature, is an affront to the Infernal, and celebrates the insecurity of the mundane.

Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- Most views people hold of the self are distorted. Be proud of the man or woman you are. Don’t get caught in distorted labels or perceptions. As most views of humans are “I” narratives, we may as well choose ones that make us have positive mood states instead of feeling negative mood states. Those that are Transgender must come to terms that biological sex is a scientific fact, and gender roles are social constructs. We accept that there are 2 genders, and do not virtue signal by accommodating  pronouns like they/them or zim/zer. This is attention seeking behavior and victomstancing when claiming to be misgendered. In the Cult, one must be comfortable with their natural born sex as well as their transitioned identities. 

The Act of Abortion is an Affront.

A woman’s womb is of the utmost sacred of temples. For within, the Elixir of Life is created and allowed to take root and flourish. Cursed are they who willfully destroys that life that has grown within the sacred temple of womanhood. For if such a gift is not desired, then let the temple be rendered barren and devoid of power.


Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- There is little difference between the mass of human cells inside the womb and the mass of human cells outside the womb. As far as this cult sect is concerned, killing a fetus is the same act as killing a child or adult. The Old Ones may not care about abortion. But it says something about a person that chooses abortion over a responsible, planned lifestyle. Extreme situations such as rape can be viewed at differently. Only 1-2% of abortions are due to incidents of rape or incest. In the vast majority of cases, abortion is an easy way out. Even in cases of rape or incest, an emergency contraceptive is still an option before abortion even needs to be considered. Those that engage in abortion due to poor life decisions and reckless abandon of simple contraceptives are not people we want in our Cult. It is also rather pathetic to purposely take a conceived life and murder it to prolong a heedless lifestyle of pleasure-seeking. We do not condone this mindset.


Atheism is NOT Satanism.

Cursed are they who mock the truth of Satan with the lie of Atheism. Satanism is a religion of Faith. Faith in one’s self. Faith in Satanic values. Faith in one’s religious views. And Faith in Satan in any and all of his forms. The Atheist is FAITHLESS. Having faith in nothing or anyone. Anyone who claims the mantle of Atheist, has not any claim to the mantle of Satanist.


Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- We believe the Old Ones as literal entities that exist in reality, and not as metaphors. We do not accept atheists in the Cult of Cthulhu. A person’s theism can be quite broad, but we generally go by LaVey's description that belief in our religion of a deity as an entity of a dark undercurrent of energy in the natural world (or parallel world such as the Dreamlands). Knowledge of the Old Ones allows one to put faith in themselves and escape from the limitations of men. It is a leap of faith away from mankind’s social constructs, iron cages of biased sciences, and the false gods of men. A person of faith can accomplish much more than a half-hearted atheist can in many endeavors.  


​Celebrate one’s own Creativity and Magick.

Harken to one’s soul the Black Flame of Satan at all times. For it is the gift of Satan and Hell. The Gift of Creativity. The Gift of Magick! Deny the power you wield at your own peril. For to do so, is to undo all that you have done and achieved by the power of the Black Flame.  


Cult of Cthulhu Interpretation- Creativity flows through you, don’t let it be stippled by the thought censors and the anti-producers. Your very essence is magick, and you construct the whole of your reality through belief.

e adopt the Lex Satanicus from the Satanic Thulian Society as our laws of conduct. It is completely adaptable to the Old Ones, Theistic Cosmicism, empowers the self, and acknowledges mastering of the void. We will begin with each Law of the Lex Satanicus, and then offer a Cult of Cthulhu interpretation of the Law.

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